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BrandFace® is a book series, speaking series and marketing program for real estate professionals who wish to build their own personal brand to become a recognized real estate authority in their market.  This exclusive and personalized system helps agents & brokers DEFINE their unique point of differentiation, DEVELOP a strong personal brand based on that, and DISPLAY their unique brand to the world across multiple marketing platforms.  The goal is to brand them as an authority in their industry and turn them into a sought after real estate celebrity.

Tonya Eberhart (Founder) is a Speaker, Author & Branding Agent to Business Stars. Her mantra is, “People don’t do business with a logo.  They do business with a person.”  She has a long, successful track record in marketing and personal branding and has branded both companies and individuals in various industries for over 25 years, but her greatest success has been in the real estate category. Her exclusive BrandFace® for Real Estate concepts combine personal branding with integrated marketing and are designed to produce business stars.

Michael Carr (Partner) is America’s Top Selling Real Estate Auctioneer.  His company includes three divisions (Auctioneer, Real Estate Brokerage, Investments).  He has been licensed in as many as 27 states as a broker and auctioneer, and has been actively involved in over 74,000 real estate transactions.  Michael began his BrandFace® journey in 2013 and executed BrandFace® concepts so well that he transformed his business to become a sought after brand in North Georgia.  He believed in the concept so much that he became the co-author of BrandFace® for Real Estate Professionals and eventually, a partner in the company.


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